In Development


22 year old Alex isn’t a ‘normal’ person. Alex has Asperger Syndrome. This means he sees the world very differently, and prefers to stay in his little ‘bubble’ where he can feel safe. So when Alex’s mother orders him to leave home after blowing up the family pet, Alex’s world is turned upside down. What follows is series of awkward – and hilarious – scenarios as Alex navigates the REAL WORLD, with ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE, in search of the perfect flatmate. An intimate one-off comedy drama with a cartoon twist, it explores the themes of mental health, isolation and personal growth. Screwloose is currently in development with BBC Three in collaboration with What Larks! Productions.



Trevor is the world’s worst street magician. He spends his days tormenting locals with criminally rubbish magic tricks on the streets of Azerbaijan. On top of that, he is in the grips of a severe sex addiction, is plagued by terrible nightmares, possesses  a pathetic fashion sense, and has the maturity of Woody Woodpecker on acid. So when Trevor’s teenage daughter contacts him for the first time, Trevor decides to return to England – with ridiculous results. Can Trevor’s daughter get him on the straight and narrow? How will Trevor deal with the Azerbaijani mafia, who need his help with a mysterious mission? And will Trevor face the devastating trauma that drove him away to Azerbaijan in the first place? A dark and surreal look at how one event can completely transform a person. This 3-part comedy focuses on regression, loss, hope, family dynamics and reintegration. Also featuring an alligator called Ian.



In 22nd Century London, Edward is the poorest of the poor. He scrapes a living at an insurance firm and struggles to feed his disabled father. Regardless of his poverty, he leads a happy life with his beautiful fiancée, which infuriates his wealthy best friend Calvin, owner of the largest media conglomerate in Europe. Driven insane with lust and jealousy, Calvin frames Edward for a vicious murder. After 20 years in a hell-hole prison, Edward escapes and, with the help of an enigmatic map, acquires a massive fortune. From then on, Edward plans meticulously to build an empire of his own, climb the social ladder and deliver ruthless justice to his wrongdoers. Will he succeed? A gritty series exploring a frightening vision of the future media juggernauts.



Prepare to see your least favourite TV adverts torn to pieces in this extremely alternative sketch show. Featuring zany and often controversial parodies of adverts for EE, Cilit Bang, Injury Lawyers and Chanel, as well as poking fun at trailers for shows such as Match of the Day and Homes under the Hammer. You’ll never watch adverts the same way again!


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